Teen & Adult Class

At our K-TMA Tae Kwon Do Adult & Teen Classes will make you stronger, more flexible and release stress. Other benefits include improved endurance, balance and self-defense techniques.
Above all, you will feel revitalized and recharged, ready to take on whatever life brings to you.
Our masters teach with enthusiasm and patience and our students progress at their own rate. Many of our students come with little or no experience and are amazed at how Super Tae Kwon Do has changed their lives.
Teens receive positive reinforcement in social skills, discipline, and teamwork.  It's a great way to build self confidence and "burn off steam."  Your teen will receive life skills that will increase their self confidence and have a fun time doing it!

At K Total Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do, we work hard to provide a family atmosphere.  Everyone is encourage to be the "best they can be" from the competitive athlete to the recreational martial artist.  We stress fitness and fun before competition.The goal for all instructors of K Total Martial Arts  is to assist parents in developing the tools necessary for kids to successfully manage the problems they encounter in life. With a special focus on building FOCUS, DISCIPLINE, and RESPECT, K Total  Martial Arts is committed to instilling strong internal values in the future generation. We welcome students of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds, and encourage parents to discuss the special needs of their child with our instructors.
Get Fit, Learn Self-Defense, and Have Fun!

K Total Martial Arts has classes and a curriculum that are designed specifically for adults. Our program is geared to take you from your current level of fitness and flexibility to a level that will empower you to accomplish all your goals.

First, you will quickly notice an improvement in your level of energy and mental focus. Difficult or tiresome tasks will become a breeze. The second result will be superior physical fitness, self-confidence, stress-relief, weight loss, and overall positive attitude about life. And most importantly, you’ll enjoy working out with motivated people that are positive and goal-oriented.

Our safe, and easy-to-follow style of instruction provides the best possible environment for you to become more physically fit; to develop both self-defense awareness and self-defense skill; to maintain a healthy, positive outlook… and to have a great time with other people who also enjoy these pursuits!



Physical Fitness
As mentioned above, one of the benefits of our training is total fitness. This means, our classes are designed to help you lose weight, build muscle, and transform your entire body without the boredom typically associated with “working out”.

FACT: The workout that you enjoy doing most will be the one you stick with the easiest. And when you stick to something, naturally, you get results. But it doesn’t stop there…

Additionally, each class is designed to challenge your level of cardiovascular fitness and raise your level of cardiopulmonary conditioning to the point where other people in your age bracket will wonder how you do it! Remember all the energy you had as a youngster? Well, with this class… you’ll have it back! You’ll feel less tired; you’ll get better sleep; and even “reset” your biological clock.

Over the years of teaching and training in traditional martial arts, K-Total Martial Arts has refined their fitness classes to make it better for the modern day adult.  Meaning: There was too much unnecessary contact (specially in the early stages of training)… too much memorization… and simply too much potential for injury and not enough emphasis on fitness. “Kickboxing” is the answer to many of the problems inherent in the so-called “traditional martial arts systems.” To succeed in Kickboxing – and achieve the body you’ve dreamed of – you need not be a physical genius, nor must you have a “natural talent”‘ for martial arts.

Fun, Fun, Fun
There are lots of different ways to get in shape and learn self-defense such as gyms and martial arts schools. However, again, the program you will do the longest and benefit from the most will be the one you enjoy and see results from and even though the moves you learn will be “fundamentals” we purposely “disguise” the repetitive elements… this way your skills become familiar to you… but never boring. And unlike many other martial arts based programs, there is NEVER any negativity, sarcasm, or indifference in our classes.  You will feel focused and stress-free…on a quest to be your very best, while helping others (your training partners) achieve their goals as well.

This is where you begin to appreciate the attitude skills of the martial arts if you will: self-control, self- confidence, positive thinking, communication skills, perseverance, and mental toughness, courage and the ability to set and reach powerful personal goals.

As our program helps you learn these life skills, you will find yourself:

And, what makes it work, what holds all these components together, is that it’s just so much fun. Our instructors are the most patient, motivating, and knowledgeable people you can find anywhere in the martial arts! And… because our teaching style is based on respect and courtesy… you’ll never experience any of the nonsense commonly found in gyms or traditional martial arts schools that offer “copy-cat” versions of the real and official Kickboxing program.